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Sorry! We are operating at full strength currently.


We are the world's leading Live Streaming tech company. Sounds Interesting?
What if we tell you we have a solid robust platform that is backed by some of the best investors in the world?
Oh, and we also boast an ubercool working space with flexible working hours!

Best Streaming Tech

We have the most efficient scalable live streaming tech in the world and we are proud of it. Plus we give back to the world for FREE! Come make the world a better place with us.


If you like to listen to music while solving complex problems you are more than welcome to do so. If you have a habit of taking short breaks during work its perfectly fine! We understand people are unique and we respect it.

Constant Innovation

We do not define boundaries, our tech team has input in our marketing decisions while our marketing manager codes to save time of the tech team. Versatility is in our blood!

We have exciting opportunities in various fields available because we are growing.
If you have what it takes to master your respective field we have a position open for you!

Job Perks

Every job comes with its own perks. Its just that our perks are better. We provide you 24x7 supply of coffee (provided you stay in office). There is an errand boy to take care of your needs. You work on flexible working hours, there are no dressing restrictions and we encourage throwing awesome parties!


Flexible working hour


Errand guy


In office lunch


No dress code


Meet Celebrities


Team celebrations

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